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Biffy Clyro - A Celebration Of Endings (Picture Disc) LP

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2020. Rock; Ninth studio album by the Scottish rock group, featuring the singles 'Instant History' and 'End Of'. Commenting on the record, singer Simon Neil says: 'This is a very forward-looking album from a personal perspective and a societal perspective. The title is about seeing the joy in things changing, rather than the sadness. Change means progression and evolution. You can retain everything you loved before, but let's lose the bad shit. It's about trying to take back control'. With their newest offering, the trio traverse an incredible diversity in sound. Album highlight, "Weird Leisure", feels more feral than Biffy Clyros usual take on rock, painting a picture of damning frustration in its racing urgency, centred on a gritty take on pleasure in all its forms - from love, to obscenity in excess. In contrast, gorgeous piano ballad "The Champ" tells a bitter tale of a relationships demise, positioned at the heart of an argument that crashes into a bass propelled anger.